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How does function? (April 2nd, 2012)

  1. How does function?
  2. How can I search for files in the gallery?
  3. How can I rate files?
  4. How can I download photos?
  5. How can I contact the Administrator?
  6. How can I make use of lightboxes?
  7. How can I create a lightbox?
  8. I am looking for a simple method to trace the copyrights of images - what can I do?
  9. Why does needs donations

1. How does function?

Welcome to This is the place in the internet where you can up-load your photographs and graphics and offer them to other users - it is a place of exchange for photographers and graphics designers. The use is non-exclusive and unlimited, i.e. registered users can download photos and graphics under observance of the terms and conditions. Please, observe our terms-of-use at all costs. When you up-load photographs and graphics, please, observe our term-of-use as well. Up-load your photographs in the highest resolution you have. It must be at least 2560x1920 pixels, the higher the better. When you up-load photographs and graphics as a registered user, you will receive churchphoto-credits in your account inside which will be transformed into possible downloads. As a guest (non-registered) you may only look at photographs and graphics. As a registered user who did not up-load any pictures, you may download up to 15 photos or graphics per month. Any registered user who up-loads photos or graphics and is this way contributing to the community, will receive those 15 downloads additionally. is moderated, i.e. an administrator decides whether or not your photograph or your graphic you uploaded will be accepted in Rejection of your image might result from quality or topic issues. The administrator is not obliged to discuss his decisions with you. Thank you for understanding. Now enjoy!

2. How can I search for files in the gallery?

To search the gallery use the field "search" at the top. On the detailed search page you can search for keywords in various fields. Additionally further useful options are available to sort and limit the search results. If you know the image ID already you can search by image ID, too (right upper corner).

3. How can I rate a file?

You can rate an image or media file on the detail page of the relevant file. Find the rating list box on the right side of the screen. Choose a quality level by clicking on the arrow at the right side of the box, then confirm it by clicking on the Save button next to it.

The rating function is similar to the school note principle. If you find a file especially good, then you can give it the rating "excellent" (5 yellow stars). If you do not like it at all, you can select the worst rating "poor" (1 yellow star). Ratings between these two extremes are of course also possible. The file has not been rated before if all stars are silver.

4. How can I download pictures?

After selecting a photograph by double-clicking on it you will see an enlarged view of it. On the right side you will find a download button. After clicking on this button you will be asked how to proceed, i.e. where do you want to save the picture? According to your decision the download process will continue right away. Additionally all photos you downloaded since April1st, 2012 will be listed in an overview and are ready for additional free downloads. You will find this overview by clicking on the download entry in the menu bar.

5. How can I contact the Administrator?

To contact the Administrator of the gallery click on the "contact" link in the lower left hand corner of the page. Fill out the form respectively. Your message will be forwarded to the administrator via E-Mail.

6. How can I make use of lightboxes?

Lightboxes come from the days when people worked much more with framed slides then today. Lightboxes were a useful tool to sort and choose slides. In a very similar way digital lightboxes help to gather images sorted by topics in order to select those pictures you want to download later. Additionally lightboxes can be used to demonstrate others who work on the same project as you do, which images you selected. Now they might comment on your choice. Or simply use lightboxes to show your colleagues, friends and family images you like.

There are two types of lightboxes at - private and public ones.

Private lightboxes may be seen only by the registered user who created them.

Public lightboxes any visitor of can see.

You can put images from a lightbox into the shopping cart, move or copy them to another lightbox of yours.

You can change the content of your lightboxes any time by adding or deleting images.

Your lightboxes stay there until you delete them or cancel your account with

7. How can I create a lightbox?

You need to be a registered user.

If you click on an image it will open in the bigger preview mode.

Below the rating list field and the download statistics for this image click on the link "add to my lightbox".

In case there is no lightbox of yours yet, a window will pop up telling you so. In this window click on "create". The next window will pop up.

Here, please, fill in all three fields with the content you choose. Then again click on "create" (at the bottom).

The next window will confirm that you created a lightbox and show the title of it - but no image yet. If you still can see the image window where you started - simply click on the link "add to my lightbox", and the picture will be added to your lightbox immediately. In case the lightbox window covers the image window completely, move or minimize it and then click on the link "add to my lightbox". By now you should see the image in your lightbox.

You can select images and put them into the shopping cart or move/copy them to another lightbox of yours. Use the list box (right) to do that.

By clicking on "edit" within a lightbox you open a new window where you can change the status of your lightbox from private to public or vice versa.

By clicking on "create" within a lightbox you can add more lightboxes.

All other functions are pretty much self-explanatory. Play around a little with the exciting features of your lightboxes. Soon you won't miss them anymore.


8. I am looking for a simple method to trace the copyrights of images - what can I do?

Especially when you have to process many images this can be challenging. Fortunately - assists you in a professional manner. Provided you are working with an image processing program which can read IPTC data. If in doubt search for help of your program.

IPTC data is "invisible" information travelling with each image you download from It contains additional information belonging to the picture like name of the photographer, copyright information and the like. So even after years you will still be able to find out who owns the copyright of a certain image. Test it!

9. Why is asking for donations?

To keep the databank up and running demands not only time but electric power, computers and programmers. And to keep it available on the internet means additional costs for a fast internet connection etc. Therefore we as the ones running this platform would appreciate the support by users who value by a donation now and then.

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