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Closing of the category "Applied designs"

31. May 2016 18:20 | Closing of the category "Applied designs"

There is a change in the categories we would like to share with you. Until now there was two separate categories for posters.

Firstly, the category "Posters for showcase". This area is reserved for designers, this says also the description: "Upload only for professional designed posters selected by graphic artists. For the posters there are special minimum requirements." From these posters you should can print a high-quality A1 poster for example.

There were also the category "Applied designs". This category was provided for the following material: "Finished Flyers without text etc., together with a sample incl. text." This was the category where each user could upload there flyers and posters.

We get some feedback and suggestions for this category. The submitted images have very different qualitative and styles. We have decided to close this category and to create a uniform standard for the category "Posters for showcase".

We found out that it is the best for all users to get unedited photos - this means, without blurring, texts, frames or highlightings. So each user has the greatest flexibility for the usage of an image. We hope you understand that there is only one category for for showcase from now on - and this is equipped with high-quality images.

We thank all photographers very much for there commitment and uploads in the category "Applied designs".

From June 1, 2016 we will unlock no more uploads in this category. Until June 30, 2016 the drafts and images are still available for download. Then We will delete the category.

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