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Photos against the law?

19. March 2007 10:30 | Photos against the law?

Photos may be used and published only with the consent of the person being photographed.
Here a short version of the legal situation:

1. Portraits (person recognizable): written agreement of the person (take note of the dimensions of the agreement - i.e. general publication or in connection with event only), if fee paid keep the receipt.

2. Landscape / buildings: if not military or security - then no permission necessary; persons must be "accessories" only (accidental), not the purpose of the picture. Buildings must be generally viewable and constantly there. I.e. when Christo wraps a building - this is "art" - no professional photos permitted (except you pay him)

3. Celebrities: no agreement necessary as long as you take the photo within the realm of their public life and use it within this framework. Respect their privat sphere!

4. Crowd of people, public demonstrations and the like: no agreement necessary; photo must show crowd, no zooming in on one or a few people!

5. Deceased: up to 10 years after death permission of relatives necessary.

6. Children: (written) consent of parent or custodian

7. Youth from 12 or 14: (written) consent of parent or custodian PLUS (written) consent of the respective youth

8. In general: respect the dignity of the people; necessity of consent arises if people might be recognized by their friends.

9. Special: Museums, zoos etc. often do not allow professional photography without special permit (the many running around and shooting do it on a private basis). Publication of photos in is considered "professional photography".

10. Within railway stations (Deutsche Bahn) - no professional photos. The same with the ICE trains ICE-3 and ICE-T (patent rights). Railway stations from outside - yes, see item 2 - permitted. Trains in the open country permitted (except the above mentiond to types of ICE trains).

Nevertheless - enjoy taking pictures!!!

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