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Watch your file size

23. October 2005 22:53 | Watch your file size

Once in a while we get pictures which do not meet our requirements.

The jpg format allows a variable adjustment of the quality, in which the image will be saved. Or put differently: how much of the picture information will be deleted while compressing. The number of pixels will stay the same but in order to reduce file size, parts of the picture will be deleted (lossy compression).

No one will notice this if the image is not viewed in a big format. If one does this then you will notice some strange spots, jaggy lines etc., the so-called "artefacts".

Since we at aim for high quality - our images should be even fit for printing -, we can accept only pictures which have enough pixels (higher than 1024 on one side) - this is no problem for the current digital cameras.

Photographers (especially amateurs) often do not consider that they can adjust the quantity of loss of the jpg files already in the camera. Adjust it to high quality or no loss. The same is true for a image prcoessing program - leave the quality slider on high.

The images we expect, normally have a filesize of at least 1 MB or higher. Exceptions are the Powerpoint background graphics. They only have to be 1024x768 and have, of course, a smaller file size.

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